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14 Jul 2021

Converting technical drawings into a CAD model for spare parts production

In the course of time, some components on vehicles and machines show increasing signs of wear. This often means that their functions are no longer fully guaranteed or they are simply no longer visually appealing.

However, many of these parts are no longer manufactured and are therefore very difficult or even impossible to obtain on the market. If this is the case, there is usually no other option than to reconstruct these components using reverse engineering. To carry out the reconstruction, simply send us your defective part.

We will then digitise it using a 3D scanner and reconstruct the damaged areas. However, the physical parts are only one possible basis for the reconstruction. If available, you can also send us a technical drawing of your part, as in the case of the pinion shown here.

technische Zeichnung

A technical drawing clearly conveys all relevant information to the designer with the help of the title block and drawing field. In the drawing field, the component is shown in front view, side view and top view with all the dimensions required for the design.
The title block contains all other important information, such as the name of the draughtsman and the inspector, permissible tolerances, roughness, material and scale. Technical drawings are strictly standardised in terms of layout, symbols and font, which is why they are often referred to as the language of engineers.

3D-Modell Zahnrad
3D-Modell Zahnrad

3D model, CAD data set based on the technical drawing

Standardisation ensures that communication problems are avoided, which results in shorter design and production times. Furthermore, by adhering to the standards, a consistent quality of the components can be guaranteed.

The technical drawing is the most popular design basis in all technical fields, as it manages to clearly convey all necessary information to people who have not been involved in the development process.
Our aim is to convert all the information in the technical drawing into a CAD file that can be used as a unique template for production.