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Über uns

Born out of love for classic automobiles and due to lack of spare parts while turning wrenches, the idea for Oldtimerparts was born.

Oldtimerparts Team

Since then, our mission has been to reproduce rare spare parts in demand in the market and with increasing scarcity, in order to keep the restoration of classic vehicles possible!

Can’t find a suitable spare part in the market for your classic car?

Components such as instrument parts, trim strips, seals, rubber parts, gears, or radiator ornaments can be efficiently reproduced.

We digitize your spare parts and create 3D models. Subsequently, we manufacture your spare part using our partner network and the most efficient manufacturing technology available. Every day, we expand our spare parts database to ensure better availability for you.

Retro Classics – Stuttgart

Sustainability is important to us! Spare parts are reconstructed upon request and made to order for you. This reduces storage costs and enables demand-driven manufacturing. With our production locations in Germany and across Europe, we can guarantee high quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Do you have a custom spare part requirement or need a special fabrication? Inquire about your desired classic car spare parts here!