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28 Feb 2023

Production of lettering and emblems for classic cars and youngtimers

Whether on the tailgate, the hood or the fender, lettering and emblems in all shapes and sizes decorate almost all classic cars and show others on the road exactly which models they are dealing with. Unfortunately, however, the ravages of time tend to gnaw away at the chrome and the tiresome rust comes through. In the case of plastic lettering, the many years of UV radiation are usually enough to make it brittle and pale.

Here we can provide assistance. You send us your old lettering as a template, we digitize and reproduce it within a very short time. In the process, we can either produce an exact replica or personalize the model entirely according to your wishes. Changes in size and shape or new mounting options are possible. For example, we restore and create clips or screw points. In this emblem of a Mercedes-Benz from the 50s, we even added a whole letter.

We manufacture using the latest 3D printing technologies and can supply a wide range of materials, from plastic to aluminum to stainless steel and tool steel, everything is possible. Depending on your wishes, the lettering can then be polished, prepared for painting, or even glossy.

Glass bead blasted aluminum after 3D printing
Polished door handles

The example of these door handles shows that 3D-printed aluminum can also be easily polished to a chrome look.

If you want your classic car to shine again with a new emblem or lettering, then make a non-binding offer now via our spare parts inquiry!