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18 Oct 2020

The classic car registration plate is also possible with seasonal registration

The new seasonal classic car registration, starting 2018

Das H-Kennzeichen für Oldtimer ist auch mit Saisonzulassung möglich

In the past, many collectors and classic car fans thought twice about whether they should register their vehicle with an H registration plate or rather with a seasonal registration plate. They often calculated which solution would be cheaper, since most classic cars are only allowed to leave their garages during the warm seasons and have never seen bad weather or even snow.

Since 01.10.2017, new legislation has come into force that now makes it explicitly possible to combine both. To the delight of the classic car community and classic car clubs, you can now see many classic cars on the roads with the seasonal indication behind the famous “H” on the number plate.

From an accounting point of view, it definitely makes sense, as you can now reduce the tax flat rate of €192 per year, which has to be paid pro rata according to the months of registration, in the same way as with the seasonal number plate. In addition, you save money on classic car insurance.

Many car owners who previously had to resort to seasonal number plates with a heavy heart for cost reasons can now finally proudly display their H number plates again. A decisive advantage is, of course, the entry permit into the major cities, which is automatically granted to the owner of a classic car licence plate, regardless of the motorisation. This serves to preserve and perpetuate the classic car culture. And let’s face it, the polished and shiny collectors’ items enrich our cityscapes and often make heads turn.

At the first meetings in spring, of course, the first new H-plates were already to be seen on one or the other classic car. From when can you actually register your vehicle as a classic car? It applies to vehicles that are 30 years old. Starting from the date of first registration. So just check the vehicle documents and you will know how long you may have to wait until H-registration.

Pleased about this important step towards the continuation of the H-registration, we wish you a safe journey and good luck with the conversion!

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